About Andrew Marr - Lead Photographer/Owner

In the fall of 2005,  I was in the dark room of Eagle Rock High School in Los Angeles, and saw a black and white print develop in a chemical bath before my eyes. The combination of artistic vision and technical knowledge required to make a good print fascinated me, and still fascinates me now.

I immersed myself in the pursuit of photography, and in 2007 I became a Studio Art major at the University of California in Riverside. While attending classes, I worked as a teaching assistant conducting a digital lab. I taught photoshop and digital printing to students in beginning, intermediate, and advanced photography.  Simultaneously, I was working as a staff photographer for the student newspaper, The Highlander, photographing student events on campus - like concerts, athletics, speeches, and other photo journalistic endeavors. During the summers, I spent time working as an assistant to an advertising photographer in LA. I also interned for a wedding Photographer in Washington DC during a quarter abroad.

In 2010, I officially started ARM Photography and was photographing weddings, events, and anything else I could point a camera at. Today, I live in Los Angeles, and photograph all around Southern California.

About Carla Torres - Second Photographer/My Wife


Carla has had artistic aspirations all her life. Even as a child she was enthusiastic about museums, drawing, and painting. and would utilize any available surface as a canvas. During one fateful summer in high school, she traveled to Boston for a summer art program, which developed her talent and vision, and thoroughly cemented in her a desire to one day become a full time artist. She was accepted to the University of California in Riverside as a Studio Art Major in 2007, where she studied drawing, painting, art theory, art history, and, of course, photography. In 2014, several years after receiving her Bachelor of Arts, she enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and graduated with a professional designation in Textile Design in the summer of 2015. Her textile work can be seen here.

About Us

Carla and I met in an Advanced Photography class in the winter of 2010, after three years of being enrolled in the same program. We would come to find out that we had actually lived in the same building together as freshman and had taken classes together during the previous years, but had never met. I would help Carla print her photo projects during my late night lab hours, and we would get something to eat together afterwards. This was the start of our relationship working together on photo/creative projects. We started dating that summer, and continued to look to each other for ideas, criticism, inspiration, or a helping hand for the many projects we were working on during our senior year. It was during this time that she joined ARM Photography as a second shooter and assistant, helping me to expand my prospective when photographing, and increase the overall quality of the clients experience, as well as the quality of the finished product.


And on November 7th, 2015, we were married at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens.